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Seminario DFBMC-IFIBYNE – Expone: Dr. Julio Aguirre-Ghiso “Mecanismos de diseminación temprana y diapausa en cáncer: una nueva teoría de la metástasis”

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Octubre 3, 2018
Libre y gratuito
13 horas, Aula de Seminarios del LFBM
Pabellón II, 2º piso., Ciudad Universitaria, CABA, Argentina

The Aguirre-Ghiso lab has focused on understanding the biology of dormant DTCs and their reactivation, with an ultimate goal of targeting them for destruction and the prevention of relapse. The major challenge faced by physicians is the prevention and treatment of metastasis, a significant unmet need that continues to plague oncologists and is the leading cause of cancer related mortality. Surprisingly, cancer patients presumed cured after primary tumor removal and therapy, can carry non-proliferating ‘dormant’ disseminated tumor cells (DTCs) for years before reactivating to form incurable metastasis. Thus, despite cancer cells carrying genetic alterations micro-environmental and epigenetic mechanisms appear to induce tumor cell dormancy. His lab focuses on understanding the biology of dormant DTCs and their reactivation, to target them and prevent relapse. This contrasts to the vast majority of cancer research, which is aimed at understanding constant cancer growth. His team led a paradigm shift that is revealing novel cancer biology. They integrated mechanisms of basic stress and mitogenic signaling, adult stem cell and micro-environmental biology and discovered that a reciprocal crosstalk between DTCs and the icroenvironment regulates the inter-conversion between dormancy and proliferation.

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