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Seminario DFBMC-IFIBYNE – Expone: Dr. Matías Goldin UNIC -CNRS. “Specialized tactile feature representations in the somatosensory cortex”

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Octubre 18, 2018
Libre y gratuito
13 horas, Aula de Seminarios del LFBM
11 4576 3368
Pabellón II, 2º piso., Ciudad Universitaria, CABA, Argentina

Dr. Matías Goldin
UNIC -CNRS. Unité de Neurosciences Information et Complexité. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Gif-sur-Yvette, France

Título: “Specialized tactile feature representations in the somatosensory cortex”

Information about the world around us is gathered through our senses and processed in the sensory areas of our brain. In order to perceive and recognize objects, a vast array of defining properties, or features, need to be identified and analyzed. In the visual system, decades of work has elucidated many different types of features in the environment and how they are reconstructed in different areas of the brain. In the tactile system however, these regional specializations have only been theorized and not observed through experimental study.
In this talk, I will present the first evidence that maps the representation of different tactile feature sets to the two largest somatosensory ortical regions in the rat. I will show that the primary and secondary somatosensory regions contain specialized representations that likely support complementary and interdependent aspects of tactile sensation.
Roughness, global shape, and object motion are examples of tactile features that are best extracted using multiple whiskers and sampling across extended windows of time. The secondary somatosensory cortex is specialized for extracting these kinds of global features, and understanding how this fits with what is already known about primary cortical areas gives useful insights into how rodents parse the tactile

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