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Synaptic dynamic of NF-kappa B during Long Term Memory Consolidation in mice.

Since the discovery that long-term memory is dependent on protein synthesis, several transcription factors have been found to participate in the transcriptional activity needed for its consolidation. Among them, NF-kappa B is a constitutive transcription factor whose nuclear activity has proven to be necessary for the consolidation of inhibitory avoidance in mice. This transcription factor has a wide distribution in the nervous system, with a well reported presence in dendrites and synaptic terminals. We report changes in synaptosomal NF-kappa B localization and activity, during long-term memory consolidation. Activity comparison of synaptosomal and nuclear NF- kappa B, indicates different dynamics for both localizations. We identified two pools of synaptosomal NF-kappa B one obtained with the synaptoplasm (free fraction) and the second bound to the synaptosomal membranes. During the early steps of consolidation the first pool is activated, as the membrane associated transcription factor fraction increases and concomitantly the free fraction decreases. These results indicate that the activation of synaptic NF-kappa B and its translocation to membranes are part of the consolidation of long term memory in mice.

Pharmacological interference of the pdz PSD-95 interactions.

Our focus is to elucidate the role of synaptic NF-kappa B during long-term memory consolidation investigating several possible interactions with other synaptic proteins such as acetyltransferases, NMDA and PSD95. We are studying this with pharmacological approach, disrupting the interaction of PSD95 and NMDA and evaluating the behavioral consequences and the effect on NF-kappa B activation.

NMDA receptor expression and membrane presentation during Long Term Memory consolidation in the crab Neohelice granulate.

Much of the work done on memory consolidation regarding NF-kappa B and NMDA was done initially with the crab species Neohelice granulata in the paradigm of contextual conditioning. This line of work continues to part of our lab were we keep exploring the interactions and dynamics of such proteins during long-term memory consolidation both in crabs and mice.


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