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Physical and mathematical modeling of biological processes at the cellular level: information transfer and processing..

My research focuses on the study of information transfer and processing at the cellular level. A basic characteristic of all living cells is their ability to communicate with the surrounding environment. This information sharing is based on the cell’s ability to “read” environmental cues, “translate” these intracellular signals into commands and “react” with appropriate responses. Additionally,the cell also has the ability to “write” their own messages in the extracellular medium. Understanding how the cell “talks” with their environment and how fundamental cellular functions emerge from this conversation, is still a challenge.

The study of information transfer in cellular signaling represents an opportunity to investigate in a very active area within biology,allowing a better understanding of the correlation between the topology of the underlying signaling network and the emerging behaviors, both under normal and pathological conditions. On the other hand, can improve our understanding of basic aspects of physics, in particular on how information is encoded and decoded, stored and transferred, how a system responds by filtering certain stimuli,maximizing the response to others, how to transfer “structure”, how it generates memory, how to filter “noise”, how to amplify responses, how to make continuous stimuli discrete in responses related “decision making” and how the physics involved in bio-molecular can affect all the foregoing. These issues are central to my research.

Publications since 2006

Information transfer and processing at the cellular level: retroactivity

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Cellular signaling and cancer

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Calcium dynamics

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  • PICS (International Project for Scientific Cooperation), France. 2012-2015. “Nonlinear Dynamics in optical, atomic and biological systems”.
  • ANPCyT (PICT2010) 2011-2013 “Information transfer in celular signaling: theory and experiments”. PI: Alejandra C. Ventura..


Also participating in:

  • ANPCyT (PICT2010) 2011-2014 . PI: A. Colman-Lerner.
  • ANPCyT (PICT2010) 2009-2012. PI: A. Colman-Lerner.
  • National Institutes of Health NIH (RO1 GM07479-01) 2011-2016. Co-PI: A. Colman-Lerner.



  • 2010
    CONICET Award to cover return to Argentina.
  • 2007
    Second prize for the best theoretical Ph.D. thesis competition 2006-07 from the Argentinean Physical Society.


Veronica Parasco, CIN fellowship

Laila Kazimierski

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Dra. Alejandra Ventura

Dra. Alejandra Ventura
Investigadora Adjunta, CONICET;
Grupo: Dr. Alejandro Colman Lerner .

Investigadora Adjunta Externa, University of Michigan,USA.


Veronica Parasco

Veronica Parasco

Laila Kazimierski

Laila Kazimierski